Homeowners Association Laws

The attorneys of James F. Dunneback, P.C. have extensive experience in all aspects of Illinois condominium and homeowners association laws. We protect the interests of condominium associations, townhome associations and homeowners associations in Cook County and the greater Chicagoland area. Our firm works with many management companies as well as self-managed associations, large or small, to assist them in their operation of the association. Our attorneys are well versed in the Illinois Condominium Property Act, as well as all state and local laws relating to collection, sale, management and disputes. 

Condominium Association Representation 

Declaration, Bylaws,
Rules & Regulations

Our firm can assist the association regarding interpretation of the governing documents when an inquiry or dispute arises between the association, unit owner, board members or other party regarding assessments, maintenance issues, rules and regulations, imposition of fines, fiduciary duties of the board, and the like. In addition, our attorneys can review the governing documents, and when necessary, assist the board with adopting amendments, sending proper notice and recording these instruments.


If a unit owner is behind in assessment payments, we conduct the appropriate activities such as sending collection notices, filing lawsuits, seeking possession of the unit if necessary, seeking judgment in favor of our clients, and post-judgment collection efforts to collect the judgment. We focus our efforts on resolving issues for our clients before matters escalate to litigation whenever possible.

Meetings & Management Consulting

To minimize legal problems, we can advise the associations on how to run meetings in accordance with the law, including how to take proper minutes, post notices and conduct voting.

Foreclosures & Bankruptcy

If a unit owner is involved in a bankruptcy or foreclosure action for their unit, our attorneys are experienced in assessing the merits of whether or not the association should intervene in the bankruptcy or foreclosure action to attempt to recover any amounts due to it from the unit owner.

Corporate Representation

Our firm can represent the association in the capacity as Registered Agent for the corporation, prepare Annual Reports with the Secretary of State, and handle all general corporate matters of the association.