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Organizing Financial Records

Create a list of financial accounts. List account numbers and pertinent information about your investments, bank accounts, insurance policies (life, disability, homeowners, credit and life) and other financial matters.

List the location of valuable documents. Your list might include deeds, car titles, military records, birth and marriage certificates, divorce decrees and estate planning documents.

List your personal data. This can include your Social Security Number, driver’s license number, VA claim number, your date of birth and the names and phone numbers of family members.

Make arrangements for access to your safe-deposit box. In many states, if you are the sole owner of your safety deposit box, the box may be closed upon death and not opened until probate and appointment of a representative for the estate. Make sure copies of your will and other important documents are available outside of your safe-deposit box.

List loan payments. This listing should include information about credit cards, mortgages, consumer loans, and auto and personal loans.

List other income sources and government benefits. This includes pensions and Social Security. For information on military benefits, check with the Veteran’s Administration or your nearest military installation’s casualty assistance office.

List the location of tax records.

Verify account ownership and beneficiary designations. Check financial accounts and insurance policies to make sure these conform to your estate planning arrangements.

List all organizations in which you have membership. They may provide special death benefits and should be noted for your survivors.