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From small-business ventures to established corporations, James F. Dunneback, P.C. has the expertise to meet the needs of our business clients. We have counseled our clients on issues contracts, business formation agreements, tax issues, liabilities and ownership. Sometimes our clients’ specific legal issues fall outside the domain of our experience, and in those cases, we are able to work as coordinating counsel with other law firms with whom we have established successful working relationships to best serve the needs of our corporate clients.

As business owners ourselves, we not only study, but experience the same situations and problems faced by many of our clients. Our practice is not only bolstered by successful representation of our clients, but by our own success. It is with this experience that we service those in the industry.

Established Corporations

Throughout the history of our firm, we have worked vigorously to maintain and enhance the success of our established corporate clients. Our client work has involved mergers and acquisitions for middle-market companies, succession agreements, land use and zoning matters, real estate work, contract disputes, project financing, and lease agreements.

We recognize that to stay competitive in the corporate community means staying ahead of the curve. We work with our clients, through our established network in the Chicagoland business community, to stay abreast of acquisition opportunities, unique product development opportunities, and other mechanisms for enhancing our clients’ market share.

Much of our client work has involved well established family businesses. Our experience in trusts and estates lend well to planning succession agreements for these clients, formation of partnership agreements, and the division of assets and responsibilities as the company moves through generations. We respect our family business clients in their ability to blend the two environments into successful ventures, and are ready to work with them in continuing that success.

Small Business Ventures

There is an inherent satisfaction to being your own boss; however, there can also be a number of headaches. It is through sound preparation and seamless execution of a business plan that those issues are alleviated.

If you are entering into this venture with a partner or team, our attorneys are ready to advise you on issues related to forming partnerships or corporations. We maintain a solid network of professionals in the investment capital industry to assist you in finding funds for your project. New businesses also face what can be a dizzying array of tax and permit issues depending on where they are locating. With experience in land use and zoning matters in the Chicago metropolitan area, our attorneys possess the knowledge to navigate these issues.

We know the risks that our small business clients are taking on. We work to minimize those risks, and instead, help build opportunities and avenues for success. To us, a small business venture is just a big business in progress.